[Press] Social creator NFT market XREATORS has raised $2 million investment from Nexus One (ENG)


Social creator NFT market XREATORS has raised $2 million investment from Nexus One

XREATORS, a social creator NFT market that connects creators with fans and provides a service to sell copyrighted content, has attracted $2 million from NEXUS ONE, a global blockchain investment company.

This investment is worth 2 million dollars, and the investment will be used to upgrade the functions and services of the XREATORS NFT Marketplace and expand the pool to provide various copyrighted contents. Beyond simply owning non-fungible tokens, XREATORS expands the way to connect with consumers and strengthens copyright (IP) protection by growing the content market in various forms such as split sales and linking with external copyright markets. Ultimately, XREATORS plans to provide a platform that helps the quantitative and qualitative growth of the content market.

In particular, in the rapidly growing NFT market, efforts are being made to prevent various forgeries and copyright infringement, and related services are scheduled to be introduced. To this end, XREATORS plans to introduce a copyright authentication system issued by a national institution and connect creators and fans more closely with blockchain technology.

Nexus One collaborates with various organizations globally and has a history of successfully investing in leading global blockchain projects such as Klaytn, PlayDapp, and ProBit as a specialized blockchain investment company.

Sungku Kim, CEO of Nexus One, said, “The XREATORS Marketplace will become a service that allows users to easily and safely trade NFTs through functions such as copyright authentication.” And added, “This investment will help becoming a successful platform that both creators and fans can enjoy.”

Gina Park, CEO of XREATORS, said, “Through this investment, we will increase the accessibility of the marketplace and create an environment where anyone can become a creator by providing a positive user experience for digital content, thereby an essential virtuous cycle in the digital content distribution structure using NFT will be created.”


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