[Partnership] MOU — WITCH. (ENG)

Strategic partnership with WITCH to expand and popularize the NFT market

Social Creator NFT Market ‘XREATORS’, a copyright content sales service that connects creators with fans has signed a strategic business agreement with WITCH, which provides various NFT-related services such as NFT Marketplace and NFT Auction Service.

WITCH is a blockchain project that provides NFT platform ‘Witchcraft’ and location-based social network ‘WitchWitch’ service. Recently, Witchcraft sold rapper Loopy’s Initial NFT for about 4 million KRW and attracted a lot of attention! The WITCH Token used in the current WITCH ecosystem is listed and traded on the MEXC Exchange from July 2021.

The main goal of this strategic partnership between the two companies is to expand and popularize the NFT market. To this end, the two companies will jointly source high-quality NFTs that are highly marketable and loved by the public, and will promote close cooperation in all business areas, including marketing.

Therefore, XREATORS provides market users with highly popular NFTs and expands contact points with consumers in various forms, such as split sales and linking with external copyright markets, as well as simply owning NFTs. In addition, they are planning to provide a platform that contributes to the growth of the content market by combining authentication technology that enhances copyright protection.


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