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Social Creator NFT Market ‘XREATORS’ Signs Strategic Partnership with ‘PINZLE’

‘XREATORS’, a social creator NFT market that connects creators with fans and provides a service for selling copyrighted content, has signed a strategic partnership with ‘PINZLE’, an world’s first art company that provides the painting subscription service.

Starting with the world’s first painting subscription service in 2017, PINZLE is an art company that provides various forms of artistic experience to the public, including global artist management, art collaboration, art content, and product development.

Through this strategic partnership between PINZLE and XREATORS, platform users can enjoy high-quality, marketable content. Through the partnership, some of the valuable works are produced in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and traded on the XREATORS market. Furthermore, if the purchase is successful, the purchaser can become the sole owner of the digital content.

In addition to co-sourcing content, XREATORS and PINZLE decided to discover and nurture promising creators who can receive public attention. This is because both companies aim to expand and popularize the art market, including the NFT market. To this end, the two companies work closely throughout their business, including marketing. Specific details can be found on the official channel operated by XREATORS.


Beyond simply owning Non-Fungible Tokens (hereinafter referred to as NFTs), XREATORS makes a broader connection with consumers by expanding the content market in various forms, such as split sales and linking with external copyright markets. In addition, XREATORS plans to provide a platform that strengthens copyright (IP) protection for the content market to grow quantitative and qualitatively.

XREATORS is trying to prevent various forgeries and copyright infringements that have recently emerged in the rapidly growing NFT market. Furthermore, XREATORS aims to connect creators and fans closer with blockchain technology by adapting a copyright authentication system issued by a national institution.

XREATORS and PINZLE are working together so that people can easily meet the digital contents of global artists in their daily life, and furthermore, to deliver more valuable services through the experience of rare and sensuous works of art. Thank you for your anticipation and support!


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