[Partnership] MOU - OGQ Corp. (ENG)

Strategic partnership to create global profits for creators

Social creator platform OGQ and XREATORS have signed a strategic business agreement to supply digital copyright content, global distribution, and issuance of copyright certificates.

[image] Strategic Partnership — XREATORS x OGQ

OGQ is a global social creator platform that operates ‘Naver OGQ Market’, ‘Africa TV OGQ Market’, and ‘OGQ Backgrounds’. In the worldwide market operated by OGQ, there are more than 15 million creators in 191 countries and 2.8 billion downloads of accumulated content.

In particular, in the case of OGQ Creator Studio (OCS), we are strengthening the content protection of creators with the Copyright Identification System (UCI), which can officially prove copyright.

  • The Universal Content Identifier (UCI) is a national URN-based construction project promoted by the National Computerization Institute in Korea. The credibility of creators and content certification through the issuance procedure of a nationally recognized UCI certification number for creators’ content, standardization of content management, securing compatibility between countries/platforms of content, etc. OGQ is a UCI-certified operator.

[image] UCI Applications’s Scope

Both companies aim to help creators monetize digital copyrighted content and create an ecosystem that connects creators and fans. First of all, to resolve the controversy over copyright authenticity in the current NFT market, we plan to link the copyright and creator authentication function provided by the ‘OCS’ platform to the NFT market of XREATORS.

From the perspective of XREATORS, the strategic collaboration with OGQ is of great significance in terms of creator certification and oracle problem-solving. It’ll make it possible to implement a copyright certification system issued by a national institution to prevent various forgeries and copyright infringements occurring in the existing NFT market. And to create an opportunity to link content with external copyright markets such as Naver OGQ Market through partnership. This will increase the accessibility of the XREATORS marketplace and enrich the user experience for users.

Please look forward to the partnership between the two companies to protect digital content rights and increase the profitability of global social creators!